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Decrease in consumptionof gas or any other boiler supply consumable

Decrease machine shutdowns.

Increase in pellet durability and hardness.

Maximum thermal input to the point of consumption.

Why choose COMSERVICE steam services?

Through the studies we conducted, we were able to determine the real needs of each client regarding their granulators and in this way we can guarantee the increase of their productivity and the final quality of the pellet.

Once detected the weak points in the current steam installation of each client the corrective actions are determined. These can be small interventions to the full advice of a total change of your steam ramps in order to commit your needs. Always guaranteeing an increase in production accompanied most of the time with a decrease in consumption of gas or any other boiler supply consumable.

Increase in productivity

We increase the cooking temperature of the dough and achieve a better homogenization of the flour with which we shorten process times,relieving the motor of the machine and reducing the electrical consumption of it.



Dimensioning of the branch pipes (previous calculation of distances, load losses, section change elements, etc.) ..

constant and stable.

Input speeds in mixer

Volumes applicable according to the amount of steam to be injected into the mixer.

Regulation of the proportion of steam depending on the production of granules.

This can range from minor interventions on existing steam ramps to advice for a complete change from your steam ramps to others according to your needs.

Once weaknesses are detected in each customer's current steam installation, corrective actions are determined.



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Productive increase - Energy saving - Improvement in the quality of your pellet - Better granulation performance (Kvv / Tn)


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