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Diagnostic service for your steam ramp through different ultrasonic metrology and thermal cameras to determine the status of steam traps and other elements of the steam ramp.

Pressure equipment can be sensitive to a variety of heat loss and degradation problems if not properly maintained. Because equipment problems usually occur over a long period of time, regular supervision and maintenance contribute greatly to avoiding failures or irreparable disasters, and periodic maintenance is advisable, as recommended by Royal Decree 2060/2008.

A wide variety of plants and facilities use pressure equipment. Through these they produce steam that circulates through the pipes for heating or process purposes. Preventive maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of the steam ramp, improving its quality and consequently also the quality of the feed produced.

Steam ramps require a maintenance plan to function properly and need repairs when necessary.

It is important to note that repair and maintenance are by no means the same thing. The cost invested in maintenance is actually a cost saving.

The owner of the installations and pressure equipment is responsible for their being subjected to a series of periodic verifications whose date must be counted from the date of manufacture of the pressure equipment or assemblies or from the date of the previous periodic inspection; They will be carried out, at most, in the month corresponding to the indicated period. In case the specific manufacturing date is not known, the first periodic test will be carried out from the date of installation.

Periodic inspections will be carried out in the presence of the owner by a pressure equipment installation company or by a Control Body. They may also be carried out by the user or the manufacturer if they prove that they have the necessary technical and human resources that are determined in annex I of Royal Decree 2060/2008.

Pressure equipment in general

The owner of the pressure equipment must guarantee that they are subjected to periodic inspections, as well as the agents that carry them out must record through a report the inspection levels with the scope and conditions of the same in accordance with   ;the requirements of the  pressure equipment regulation. However, these terms must be considered maximum, and must be reduced if the Control Body considers that the state of the equipment requires it. In the latter case, it must notify the competent body of the autonomous community.

Once the inspection is complete, the owner will receive the inspection report from the agent who carried out the inspection and will keep it available to the competent body of the autonomous community In the event that the owner is the one who carried out the inspection inspection, it will be he who issues the report. According to current regulations, the dates for carrying out periodic inspections of the equipment must be met, in accordance with annex III of Royal Decree 2060/2008.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the owner may be forced to carry out the necessary verifications that a Control Body may consider.

Services included in maintenance/overhaul steam ramps

Ultrasonic check of steam traps and other elements of your installation.

Verification by means of an ultrasonic device of the state of traps, both in its granulation line and in the boiler, including the collector, if any.
The correct operation of the steam traps contributes to an improvement in energy efficiency and considerable cost savings in consumables for your steam boiler.
Other elements of the installation will also be reviewed such as valves, filters, possible leaks in pipes,

Verification of the correct operation of the dry steam chambers or drop separators.

Verification of the correct operation of the high and low pressure steam equipment through tests and pressure/temperature tables as well as the flow of condensate in its return to the boiler tank.

Delivery of a report on the status of your equipment.

Once the review/maintenance of the steam ramp has been carried out, a detailed list of the anomalies found will be delivered, as well as an energy efficiency report detailing the approximate economic cost of the volume of leaks from your installation and a corrective proposal if necessary. (A single trap located at high pressure and working 16 hours a day represents an economic loss of thousands of euros per year).

Comservice | equipment design and manufacturing

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